Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Makes a Woman

In the various social contexts in which I hang out, there's been a lot of yammering lately about gender and sexism.  There was a minor uproar recently about gender testing in the olympics, which has, as these things do, sprawled into a vast battle about sexism and gender bias and heteronormative privilege and so on.

Caster Semanya
South African runner Caster Semanya, one of the first women to be subjected to gender investigation.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Um.  So.



Just a quick PSA that I actually do plan to start writing in this thing again.  Soon-ish.  I have an excessive build-up of opinions that need opining, rants that need screeching, writing muscles that need flexing, etc.

The thing is, I exist in a lot of spheres, and they don't always overlap.  For instance, I can write about secular politics in a way that makes my atheist friends clap and smile, but they probably won't appreciate the essays on animal rights enjoyed by my vegan friends, who in turn very likely won't appreciate my skeptical sciencey posts.  And no one at all wants to hear my thoughts on love and relationships and sex and kink, but I don't care and will write about it all anyway.

So!  You might like some of what's coming up, but you won't like all of it.  Unless you're me, but probably not even then.  And while I think it's good for people to step outside their comfort zones regularly, I do generally respect your desire to not accidentally read something that's going to piss you off if you're not in the mood for it.

I'll try to use labels/tags/whatever in a sensible manner, so you can find/skip particular kinds of content.  Assume I will curse like a sailor, even when writing about kittens.  I will post VERY LARGE WARNINGS if I'm going to talk about anything particularly personal or TMI-ish, so that friends & family can avoid accidentally learning things they don't want to know about my sex life (which doesn't exist, hi mom!).

That said, it's not like anyone else reads this anyway, amirite?  Let's do this, self!