Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vegan Bake Sale

On April 21-22, we hosted a vegan bake sale in the Auraria Campus Spring Fling as part of the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale week.  The sale was funded by VegFund, and donations benefitted Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary for rescued farm animals.  We received donated baked goods from Beet Box Bakery and WaterCourse Bakery, and about 15 volunteers donated homamade baked goodies as well.  We had volunteers from the Auraria Students for the Humane Treatment of Animals, Vegan Outreach, Plants & Animals Denver, VegFund, and the Denver and Boulder vegan meetup groups.

Everyone who helped with the same deserves HUGE props and thanks.  It was an enormous success - we gave out a ton of vegan baked goods and vegan literature.  We talked to around 500 people over both days, including some seasoned vegans, some vegetarians turning toward veganism, some open-minded omnivores, and some people who had no idea what being vegan meant before they came to our table.  We sent a lot of people on their way with vegan starter kits and food for thought.  Despite the hurricane-like weather we endured Thursday (we stuck it out, because vegans are hardcore like that), the sale was a ton of fun, and hugely successful.  Thanks to everyone involved!  I really enjoyed meeting all of you.

Without further ado, photos of the event!  All pictures are © Alexis DeCook 2010.  If you're not in any of the photos, it's because you weren't there when Alexis was taking pictures.  Nothing personal - we like your face, promise.

Thanks again, everyone!  Let's do this again soon.

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