Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Co-Op

Door to Door Organics
Photo by Alexis DeCook

My Produce Box
Photo by Alexis DeCook

First things first: the people responsible for delivering a cornucopia of delicious, organic, seasonal, so-fresh-you-have-to-shake-the-dirt-off-your-greens produce to my doorstep every week.

Door to Door Organics. I love them.

No, really, I'm completely in love with this company. Go to their website, and you'll see why. There's a picture of a smiley-face made out of oranges and a banana. If you could be besties with a company, we would be painting each other's toenails.

Their produce is amazing - some of the most delicious fruits and veggies you have ever tasted. Their website is super easy to use, and friendly and colorful to boot. Their service is excellent. They work with farmers in Colorado (or your local state) and just a few neighboring areas, all of whom use certifiably organic farming practices.

If you live in an area where you can receive their deliveries, you should. We get a medium-sized combo box delivered every Wednesday, and split between 4 people, it comprises the majority of our groceries. Since we were eating a plant-based diet anyway, we're actually spending less on food now than before the co-op. It will force you to eat healthier, increase your fiber and nutrient intake, and broaden your palate. It's basically good for every part of your life.

Plus, it's like getting a present every week! A gift of vegetables! Well, I get excited about it, anyway.

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